• Performance confidence
  • Energy Enhancement  
  • Mental Training 
  • Flow State Training 
  • Pain Relief Therapy & Pain Management
  • Mindfulness & Meditation Training
  • Stress & Anxiety Therapy
  • Past Trauma Therapy
  • Burnout Therapy
  • Mindful Life Coaching
  • Career Transition Therapy & Support
  • Workplace Well-being Programs
  • Family & Parenting Therapy & Support
  • Couples Therapy 
  • Baby & Child Therapy
  • Consultancy Service - Companies, Agencies and Sports Clubs
  • Podcast/Webinar Guesting
  • Keynote & Speaking Engagements


Complimentary Consultation,  Presentation & Sample Session - Online

I offer a convenient online 20-minute presentation and 20 minute sample session. This complimentary combined session allows you to delve deeper into First Harmony's energy therapy methods and training, understand the underlying scientific and biological processes, and experience firsthand the potential benefits for addressing personal, team, or workplace issues. 


For new clients who wish to begin their journey with First Harmony, a 30 minute consultation is required to assess your needs.


Please contact for an appointment



  • 3 x 90-120 minute online or in-person seminars to be taken within a 7 day period for optimal results
  • 2 x 45 minute performance or life enhancement sessions (to be taken within 3 months)
  • 1 month support.

Stress, anxiety, unresolved pain, slow healing injuries, performance issues, exhaustion, burnout and issues related too past trauma can be gently and consciously resolved within this three day intensive. You will also learn simple yet highly effective methods to continue to balance your wellbeing. In addition you will receive performance and visualization mental training that will noticeably enhance your energy and intuition especially for sports professionals.


You'll feel lighter, grounded, focused, and connected as each session balances your body, mind, and energy! You will be able to move with more ease, regenerate faster, prevent injuries, perform better than before and manage the activities in your life with more joy, clarity, and creativity!


Please contact me for a pricing PDF 




Elevate your performance with our Energy Boosting & Flow State Training program tailored for professional athletes and sports teams. Experience 3-5 intensive sessions, each lasting 60 or 90 minutes, (depending on your schedule), designed to teach you how to enhance your energy levels, enter flow states at will, and optimize your mindset for peak performance. Whether online or in-person, you will be guided through these easy to master, innovative techniques to unlock your full potential on the field, ice or court. Get ready to elevate your game and dominate your competition!


PRE-GAME ENERGY SESSIONS - 30 minute sessions 


Prepare for victory with our Pre-Game Energy Sessions, designed for individuals and teams. Boost your performance with 30-minute sessions tailored to release tension and enhance focus, motivation, confidence and energy levels before the big game. With league-based pricing options available, get in touch today to tailor a plan that fits you or your team's needs and propels you towards success on the field, ice, or court!


Customised sessions are also available for workplace wellbeing! 


Please contact for a consultation and pricing



1- 3 Months. Weekly or Bi-Weekly Training -  online or in-person.

Sessions are customised after a free consultation to assess your needs and create a swift, comprehensive system and schedule of learning with you.


In these mindfulness and energy transformation training program, you will learn how to;

  • Elevate Performance/Sport Proficiency: Elevate performance through the strategic integration of mindfulness and energy techniques, amplifying concentration, self-assurance, and resilience. Acquire mastery over techniques conducive to achieving and sustaining optimal flow states and consistent energy levels as well as the prevention and accelerating the healing of pain and injuries. Perfect for sports professionals!
  • Utilise simple Breathing Techniques: Employ accessible breathing exercises designed to foster relaxation and equilibrium 
  • Engage in Body Scan Practices: Partake in comprehensive body scan exercises aimed at heightening awareness of bodily sensations and promoting the release of accumulated tension.
  • Facilitate Compassionate Interpersonal Connections: Cultivate the art of empathetic interaction, fostering an environment characterised by harmony and mutual understanding.
  • Harness Innate Healing Potentials: Harness your body's intrinsic capacity for self-restoration, enhancing overall well-being and vitality.
  • Grasp the basic theories of energy through science and quantum physics that illuminate the fundamental mechanisms underlying energy therapy modalities.
  • Explore Manifestation Science: Embark on an exploration of scientific principles that underlie manifestation and visualisation, enabling the potential realization of personal aspirations and alignment with goals and purpose.
  • Energy Therapy Support - Throughout the program you or your team will benefit from regular energy therapy sessions to work on any current or past issues, balance your overall wellbeing, and help you integrate your new found skillsets.


By the end of your program, you will feel renewed mentally and physically, and would have gained valuable skills and insights that will help you transform your life and performance from the inside out.


Programs and sessions are based on the practices of mindfulness, energy therapy, meditation, psychology, and personal development. It is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their health, happiness, and performance in any area of life, or practitioners from any field who want to expand their knowledge. 



 The Athlete Emergency Room is now open!

For international educational facilities and clubs who are in need of an internal full service support system for their athletes, students or workplace. Click here to for more details.

Service Notes:

Before starting treatment, programs or sessions a free consultation is required. 

For intensive programs, payment options are possible.

All correspondence is treated with the strictest confidence.

Your information will not be shared with any third parties.

In-person sessions can be held in our Praxis room in Munich's city centre. At an additional cost, onsite sessions can be held in the convenience of your own home, in a treatment room/facility local to you nationally or internationally. Remote Zoom meetings are just as effective as in-person meetings


IMPORTANT  NOTICE: Upon reading this website and booking ANY services, including  group sessions, with First Harmony via telephone, email or booking system you are agreeing to the First Harmony FULL TERMS conditions, policies and disclaimers as stated here.


DISCLAIMER: Healing and medicine are two separate disciplines. Energy Medicine modules are not a medical discipline. They are intended to be a supplement to, and not a substitute for professional medical care and treatment. In the case of any serious medical ailment or condition, you should always consult your doctor for advice. I do not accept the application from someone who, undergoes psychiatric care, suffers from hallucinations, or is using mind-altering drugs. I can not hold a session if the client is under influence of alcohol or recreational drugs. Clients under 18 must have a written consent from someone having parental authority. I cannot offer any guarantee for a cure. Booking any session with First Harmony is also confirmation that you have read our full terms, policies and disclaimer. First Harmony reserves the right to cancel the appointment if the customer is more than 10 minutes late without them giving advanced notice.