About Me

Hello, my name is Meena Stempfle, and I'd like to welcome you to First Harmony! I am the founder of First Harmony and have been practicing Energy Medicine professionally for the past 13 years. My path and travel have been enthralling and rewarding!  As an Energy Therapist, I've gained many new perspectives and insights into the human condition while assisting others in regaining control of their health and wellbeing. 


I've had countless occasions to observe and participate in personal demonstrations of how incredible our minds and bodies are, as well as the inherent abilities we all have. My goal is to assist others in discovering the key to deeper relaxation - relaxation profound enough to relieve inner anxieties and tensions that have been holding them back.


I spent the first four years of my career in the United Kingdom, working with patients, their families, and medical staff providing relaxing and revitalizing Energy Therapy treatments, counseling, and teaching self-care, mindfulness, meditation, and pain management skills. 


I worked at University College London Hospital, St John and Elizabeths Hospital & Hospice, and St Josephs Hospice while in London. On a daily basis, I was able to broaden my knowledge and talents through a range of situations. My work was varied and unique in that it covered assisting those who were admitted to emergency rooms and intensive care units, as well as treating coma patients. Workplace references


In 2017, I moved to Munich, Germany, and began working with professional athletes. My practice evolved into providing international athletes, teams, and coaches with remote sessions through video conference on a more regular basis. Professional from the NFL, NBA, DEL, Bundesliga, and other sports leagues throughout the world are now among my clients. I help clients who are dealing with injury, stress, anxiety, performance issues, and other life issues. 


I could see early on that there was interest in these services and that there was a desire for them. Athletes, in particular, are underserved in these areas and are unaware of the benefits of certain complementary therapies. As a result, I now offer online educational workshops and group sessions.  I also work with entrepreneurs, busy executives, parents, adolescents, and people who are searching for wellness and self care solutions.


About First Harmony Therapies

Natural energy systems are used by First Harmony. This is referred to as Bio-Energetic Fields in modern science, but it is known as Chi, Qi, and Universal Life Force in Eastern civilizations. It's a network of energy fields that connects and balances the processes and systems of a living organism. This area is constantly connected (consciously and subconsciously) by all living beings. 


Energy Therapy is a subset of Energy Medicine that works with the body's innate healing and supportive energy field. It is one of the simplest and oldest forms of medicine. It has the ability to promote regenerative relaxation, which fosters and supports the body's natural healing response. When we are in deeper stages of sleep, this function naturally occurs. 


Meditation, Yoga, Reiki, Acupuncture, and Kinesiology are all kinds of Energy Medicine that tap into this network and produce various benefits, making them popular approaches to increase wellbeing. 


We use Energy Therapy and advanced Reiki methods (a Japanese healing treatment) at First Harmony because they provide a direct path to channeling the Bio-Energetic Field. You can softly glide into a peaceful state while maintaining consciousness, whether physically (in person) or energetically (remotely). The meditative state is another name for this. 


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