I'm delighted to welcome you to First Harmony! My name is Meena Stempfle, and I'm a certified Master Practitioner and Teacher of Energy Medicine and a Mindfulness Consultant.


For over 13 years, I've worked with people at all ages and walks of life. I was one of the first practitioners of Energy Medicine to work in hospitals in the London, UK, spending four years helping patients and medical staff manage pain and wellbeing. I have focused my work over the past six years on assisting sports professionals, from youth to elite levels.


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Our bodies are designed to heal and re-energize, and they do so every night while we sleep. Energy Medicine is about naturally connecting into our innate energy systems while awake and in a relaxed or meditative state and, while there, gently releasing blockages and consciously improving the energy flow of our minds and bodies.


I guide people into this fascinating and profound transformational journey, helping them to connect in a more prolific way and to understand the scientific nature of energy so they can easily excel in their human potential. 


Sessions are available through Zoom for groups, teams, and individuals.


First Harmony sessions and workshops are used to;

  • Release tension, stress, and anxiety, and improve focus
  • Release physical aches and unresolved pain
  • Accelerate recovery
  • Balance energy 
  • Recover from burnout and injury
  • Enhance mental performance,
  • Increase energy and agility for individuals/ teams/workforce
  • Incorporate energy boosting trigger points
  • Create and reinforce a winner's mindset
  • Learn how to create and enter flow states 
  • Resolve past emotional blocks and trauma
  • Increase productivity, unity, and mental performance for workforces and teams
  • Improve relationships with others
  • Improve the relationship with yourself
  • Learn, or deepen the practice of meditation and visualization
  • Family, parenting and couples therapy and support

Please write to me here for your free consultation or use the contact form.


First Harmony has been assisting sports professionals since 2017

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