First Harmony has been assisting sports professionals since 2017

I'm delighted to have you here at First Harmony! My name is Meena, and I would like to share with you the fascinating science and nature of your innate exterior and internal energy systems and how to tap into them. With this experience and knowledge, you can quickly and significantly improve your life, health, energy, and performance; you can speed up the healing of injuries; you can release physical pain that hasn't been resolved; you can get let go of tension and stress; and you can can get better performance and unlock creativity all in just one session! 


After 13 years of professional experience, which included four years of treating patients and medical staff in London hospitals and six years of working with elite athletes, I am confident in the knowledge that life and well being quality all dramatically increase when one's mental, physical, and emotional systems are clear, balanced and working in harmony.


Energy Therapy Sessions at First Harmony are deeply relaxing, enlightening, educational, and easy to access via Zoom sessions. They are available to individuals and teams. You can have life-changing experiences and create changes you never imagined were possible in a short period of time. In order for you to fully comprehend energy and how your mind and body are connected, I also emphasize the scientific nature of energy. 


With First Harmony Coaching you can also explore mindfulness, meditation, and visualization techniques in greater detail as we move down intriguing pathways to wellbeing and human performance optimization.


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