Welcome to First Harmony. Are you an athlete, part of a team or someone striving for excellence and an even higher performance level? Are you currently suffering from stress, anxiety trauma, or illness? Are you prone to injuries and frustrated with recovery times? Or are you struggling with the mental process of transitioning out of your career?


If you are answering yes to any of these questions, First Harmony can provide fast and highly effective solutions. We offer in-person or online Zoom treatments, sessions and workshops where within just one session you could experience and actually feel a gentle and profound healing taking place. You will also learn extraordinary methods to take away that will help you to prevent further issues from arising.


First Harmony can also guide and assist you in removing mental, physical, and emotional blockages that will enable you to maintain focus, precision, and energy throughout your game, working day and in your personal life.


Meena, the founder of First Harmony is a pioneer and highly experienced practitioner and certified teacher in the field of Energy Medicine. She works with those struggling mentally and physically in high performance industries and has a growing list of sports professional clients all over the world, including athletes and coaches from the NFL, NBA, DEL, UK Premiership Football, NHL, La Liga, Ligue1, Eredivisie, Bundesliga Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball and more. As well as working with individuals, Meena also provides immediate stress and anxiety-relieving group and team workshops via Zoom. These workshops are also designed to greatly enhance performance. For those interested in learning healing, mindfulness and mindset techniques, Meena also offers certified and non-certified short courses.


Meena has devised safe, fast-acting, and very effective programs, treatments and techniques after 20 years of extensive study in the field of Energy Medicine and 13 years of certified professional practice.


She has had the valuable experience of providing counseling, Energy Therapy, and teaching Mindfulness techniques to patients and medical staff in hospitals and hospices in the UK, including the UCLH, St John and Elizabeths, and St Josephs in London.


Meena provides a scientific approach to Energy medicine that can be explained within the field of Quantum Physics. The proof in science that all matter is made of energy has contributed to more recent studies that can now prove the effectiveness of Energy Medicine when performed by experienced practitioners using certain modalities.


For more in-depth information please explore the other pages on this site. If you have any questions or would like to book a session or workshop please do email