First Harmony has been assisting sports professionals since 2017

I'm delighted to have you here at First Harmony! My name is Meena, and I would like to share with you the fascinating science and nature of your innate exterior and internal energy systems and how to tap into them. With this experience and knowledge  you can naturally stimulate injury regeneration, stress, anxiety, pain relief, and greatly enhance your performance!


After 13 years of professional practice, including four years treating patients and staff in London hospitals and six years working with elite athletes, I know firsthand that when one's mental, physical, and emotional systems are clear, open, and in harmony, life quality, health, and performance all drastically improve! 


First Harmony services are calming, enlightening, educational and convenient to receive. Through private Zoom therapy sessions, online team workshops, and educational webinars, you can have transformational experiences and make life changes you never thought possible in a short amount of time. We also focus on the scientific nature of energy, so you can truly understand the connection between your mind and body.


I deliver, teach, and demonstrate highly effective energy therapy methods, mindfulness, meditation and visualisation, as well as the science behind it all, supporting you all the way through this fascinating path to wellbeing.


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