Welcome to First Harmony! I'm Meena Stempfle, a British certified Master Practitioner and teacher of Energy Medicine, as well as a Mindfulness Consultant for sports clubs and wellbeing-based companies.


With over 13 years of experience working with diverse clients and patients, my focus for the last 6 years has been on supporting and teaching sports professionals internationally to achieve optimal mental and physical health, as well as excel in their performance.


I have the privilege of working in collaboration with world-renowned scientists and physicists at https://noetic.org/

who explore and study human potential, the connection between scientific knowledge, inner awareness, and energy systems.


My journey began by working within integrative care teams, helping patients in London hospitals and hospices for 4 years. I provided support wellbeing support and relief to individuals coping with pain, disease, invasive treatments and surgeries. Additionally, my services extended to mental and wellbeing support for end-of-life transition patients and their families, and helping medical staff to relieve and manage stress and burnout symptoms.


First Harmony offers confidential online and in-person sessions and workshops, providing a safe space to balance emotions, reduce stress, anxiety, and unresolved pain. Through guided relaxation and visualization, I empower athletes and teams to enhance their performance and develop an unshakeable winners mindset.


These unique and proven Energy Therapy methods session include transformative guided mediations, visualization and simple breathing exercises, that naturally connect clients to their innate energy systems, enabling the conscious release of blockages, leading to improved energy flow, rapid recovery, and the optimization of mind and body.


First Harmony's visualizations for games and life are highly effective, especially beneficial for teams during tournaments and important matches.


I find immense joy in guiding people through these transformative journeys, helping them unlock their human potential while understanding the scientific nature of energy.


First Harmony methods are tailored to:

- Immediately release tension, stress, and anxiety

- Enhance focus and mental performance

- Accelerate injury recovery and alleviate physical discomfort

- Create and utilize flow states

- Cultivate a winning mindset

- Resolve emotional trauma and past blocks

- Improve productivity, unity, and mental performance for workforces and teams

- Foster better relationships with others and oneself

- Deepen meditation and visualization practices

- Provide support for life and career


Whether you're seeking personal growth, enhanced performance, stress relief, or resolution of past emotional blocks, First Harmony sessions and workshops are available for groups, teams, and individuals through convenient Zoom sessions or in-person.

Please write to me here for your free consultation or use the contact form.


First Harmony has been assisting sports professionals since 2017

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