First Harmony's sister company ATHLETE ER offers unique, highly transformative, tailor-made assistance programs. We are here to support sports agencies, academies, teams, education, and training facilities.


We are a collective of former international professional athletes and those that work in the professional sports industry; psychologists, mindset coaches, mental health practitioners, mentors, counsellors, performance specialists, trainers, life coaches, dieticians, NLP practitioners, yoga instructors, spiritual advisors, and complementary therapists.


Athlete E.R is an online life support system specially designed for high-performance professionals and student-athletes. 


We are passionate about changing the current narrative and have designed a module to comprehensively and immediately support an athlete's mental health, life issues, and performance. We are here to take the 'weight off' of those feeling obligated to support their athletes that may not have the capacity, experience, or resources to do so, but who care deeply enough about their client's and students' wellbeing to make a change!




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