Life & Energy Transformation Program - 4 Week Intensive Program

The First Harmony's Life & Energy Regeneration & Transformation package is perfect for anyone serious about changing and improving their inner and outer life. They are designed for people who;

  • Feel stuck in their current life situations.
  • Are ready to heal and transform
  • Want to reach even higher levels in their sport, life or career
  • Want to learn how to achieve and maintain 'Flow State'.
  • Crave a sense of purpose, meaning, and freedom.
  • Would like to face their fears and achieve inner and outer joy and success.
  • Are ready to start or continue the process of becoming their true authentic self.
  • Want to implement simple daily routines that bring calm and focus to their life.
  • Have tried different methods and programs and still feel stuck.

Throughout this program, you will learn how to become the Master of your body, mind, and destiny! The first step to this process will be clearing away issues that may be blocking you. 


Maybe you;

  • Are suffering from mentally or physically debilitating life traumas or childhood issues
  • Are experiencing stress or anxiety issues
  • Are experiencing or recovering from injuries, pain, operations, conditions, or illnesses.
  • Are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD)
  • Are a high-performance professional with performance or focus problems.
  • Are experiencing difficult relationships with work colleagues, coaches, team members, partners, spouses, or family members. 
  • Are a parent feeling exhausted and overwhelmed
  • Have recently suffered shock or a bereavement
  • Have a lack of self-esteem/confidence or belief in oneself
  • Are having difficulty handling or accepting difficult emotions, life or career changes.
  • Are a therapist or health worker in need of intensive support and energy renewal

Life issues are what make us who we are, for better or worse. Negative situations and past traumas can reside within us, causing imbalances that restrict our wellbeing and prevent us from moving forward. Once these issues are addressed and released the process of transformation becomes much easier. 


What's included in First Harmony's Life And Energy Transformation, 4 week online program? 

  • 45-minute assessment interview.
  • 4 x 90-minute Energy Sessions 
  • 4 x 45-minute clarity coaching sessions.
  • Email and text support between sessions.
  • Short-term and long-term goal setting.
  • Meditation & Visualisation tuition
  • Energy attunements to develop your own self-healing routine - certified course Reiki level 1 (optional)
  • A series of 3 personalised, professionally recorded 5 minutes, 15 minutes, and 45 minute energy meditations to sustain you through your continuing journey. (MP3's) 
  • Follow up material
  • 2 x 60-minute top-up coaching or energy sessions to be taken any time within 12 month period.

 Package 1,800,00 euro - with certified course 2,100.00 euro


**Before booking a First Harmony Life Energy Transformation Coaching Program, do carefully consider the following:

  1. Experiencing the way the energy treatments feel and work is important when going forward with the program. Please book a FREE place at one of the weekly online group therapy sessions OR private Energy Therapy session. Your payment for the session will be deducted from your program fee.
  2. These packages are intensive and require an open mind, willingness to receive instruction, action, collaboration, and an investment of time during the four week period. They offer tremendous value and a transformation only IF you are dedicated to change. 
  3. I appreciate you may have a busy schedule and naturally, I can be flexible on occasion, however, please understand that being on time for your sessions is an important factor and if you must re-schedule then at least 24 hours notice is required. 

If you are ready to book your consultation email me,


I very much look forward to being of service and assisting you in your life journey!



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