Online Energy workshops

Mental health has become an increasing concern, especially since the pandemic and the race issues in 2020. Many have experienced a sense of loss, a lack of perspective, trust, freedom and are suffering high levels of stress and anxiety which in turn has effected performance.


First Harmony has continued to provide professional online help to sports professionals, wherever in the world they may be. Workshops are very beneficial for teams and staff members who are struggling to achieve good results and would like to experience and alternative approach to supporting their team members and staff.


Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic Meena, the founder of First Harmony, has successfully devised more targeted online group workshops that introduce Energy Therapy methods. They have proven to be a highly effective and practical way to help and assist larger groups. They help individuals to understand and experience the innate nature of our naturally healing energy systems. With guidance and easy-to-follow instruction, immediate relief from stress, anxiety, and even pain relief can be experienced. Participants leave the workshop feeling relaxed energised and more empowered with a welcomed sense of well-being. 


The online workshops range from 60 -120 minutes, and are designed for small or large groups.  The basic format of a workshop is as follows.

  • A brief introduction to Meena's work and her 12-year professional career in Energy Medicine within hospitals, hospices, and with professional athletes and teams.
  • An introduction to Energy Therapy and the science behind it (explained in layman’s terms)
  • An Energy Therapy group session that will provide deep relaxation, relieve stress and anxiety & help to restore energy.
  • Feedback & Q&A.
  • Takeaway PDF for further support with practical ways of self care and support.

A free 60 minute 'Introduction To Energy Therapy' session is available for those wishing to test the group sessions for their athletes, clubs or platforms. Please email meena@first-harmony for more details.


Testimonials from professional sports clients, job and workshop references can be found here.