Remote/Distant Treatments

The fact that ‘everything is energy’ can be found in Albert Einstein’s formula  E = mc². This ageless wisdom has also been presented to humanity through a lineage of great scientists and philosophers. Plato described it as "seen and unseen energies" or in other words, that there is more to our life than what we can see, touch, taste or smell. Einstein named an element of this phenomenon as "spooky action at a distance", however, in recent times more sophisticated studies by quantum physicists have discovered why these actions do work via Quantum Entanglement studies. Here are some introductions to the studies available at The National Center for Biotechnology Information - advances in science and health :


Energy is often invisible, such as electricity, wifi or the movement of air, and we only know its presence when it interacts with a denser physical object, i.e. the electrons that move through the wire reaching a light bulb, or the wind blowing on our skin.  


Here at First Harmony, we work with that unseen natural energy to help bring the mind and body into balance, to accelerate the natural harmonising powers that we as human beings possess but have forgotten how to use. Reawakening the subconscious so our bodies at a cellular level rediscover, almost instantly, the way back to optimum health, fitness, and joy.


Distant or remote treatment is the practice of sending energy to a person or a group of people without them being present. It is just as effective as in- person sessions and has many benefits including:

  • The participant does not need to be in the room, or indeed in the same country for the treatments to work
  • Can be useful for people who are unable to travel for whatever reason
  • Distant sessions can even be done over the phone or videocall.

Preparing for your treatment


These are the steps to receiving your first remote treatment. Please read them carefully or several times before your treatment begins.

  • Make sure you will not be disturbed for a minimum of 60 minutes
  • Talk with your, practitioner, via phone or video call before your treatment. Your practitioner will determine which method is the best for connecting.
  • Be prepared to briefly explain your symptoms, medical condition and any medication you are taking. Make a note of these and your feelings before the session. Starting a journal may be something you want to do. Also mark down on what level you are feeling stress, anxiety or pain - level 10 being the highest.
  • Your practitioner will maybe send you some relaxing music to play during your session. 
  • Have some water and use the bathroom if you need to, before the session starts.
  • Make yourself comfortable in bed, or sofa, or chair (for group sessions), covering yourself with a duvet or blanket.
  • Text with your practitioner to tell them you are ready to start
  •  Play any music sent. The treatment will begin within 3-5 minutes.
  • For the first few minutes or so deep breathe fully in and out of the nose (or mouth if this is difficult), to help the body relax. If you feel energy blockages releasing during the treatment breathe through these too.
  • Thoughts may pass quickly through your mind and you may find it difficult to relax. Breathing and letting each thought go will help. Do not stress if this continues. This is a new experience for the mind, usually, after 15 minutes relaxation occurs.
  • If you during the treatment you feel uncomfortable in the position you are in feel free to turn over or move your limbs.
  • Your session will last between 30 and 50 minutes and may be guided by your practitioner.


*** Different sensations including, tingling, heat and energy movement may be felt throughout the session, but are not essential to how well a treatment works. You may also fall asleep and that is fine too. It is normal to not feel sensations in the first treatment as the body and mind may need to be cleared. What matters is how you feel the following hours or days after and if there is a reduction of symptoms and improvement in your energy and wellbeing.


After Your treatment 


Your practitioner will text you when they are finished. When you are ready to, contact your practitioner to discuss how the session went. If you feel you want to sleep or don’t feel like talking just let them know and arrange a follow-up. Make notes of anything experienced.

  • Please refrain from drinking alcohol for 24 hours before and after your session.
  • Try not to smoke, but don't feel guilty if you do.
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water during the day.
  • Eat fresh fruit and veg, avoid sugary drinks and junk food.

Some people experience sore muscles the following day, this is due to having and "energy workout" and this feeling will pass.


Take care of yourself during the next 24 hours. You may feel great immediately or some hours after, some people can experience detox symptoms, feel tired, or emotional. These symptoms are temporary but necessary for the release of negative energy. You can carry on with your daily activities. Resting, drinking water regularly and taking deep breathes when possible is strongly advised and will help combat any after effects.


Following your treatment, you may want additional counseling to help process any emotion that arises. Discuss this with your practitioner and also more treatments if you feel they are working well for you.


Payments can be made prior to your session via PayPal or bank transfer.