In Person Treatments


First Harmony treatments can take place in our comfortable and quiet treatment rooms based in Munich, Germany. National and international travel to give treatments and workshops are also possible.


First Harmony is happy to help organize travel and accommodation for clients wishing to attend treatments or workshops in Munich.


Sessions can also take place remotely via phone and video call. Please visit the Remote Session and Workshop page.


All sessions are highly confidential. NDA's welcomed. No information is shared without your written consent. 


A phone or video consultation takes place before a session to determine the focus of the treatment. Typically, the first session lasts between 90 minutes. Shorter or longer sessions can be performed after the initial session. 


In the following days after the treatment, communication is maintained to discuss any developments and support the process. An assessment can then take place and we discuss a follow-up treatment plan if needed. Intensive 3 - 7 day treatment programs are also available for more urgent or serious conditions. I am happy to collaborate with your doctor, coach, or rehabilitation team. 


A healthy intake of fluids (no alcohol) and foods are recommended for at least 24 hours before and after treatment.


To learn more about in-person sessions please email for a discovery call.



Unless otherwise trained or licensed, Energy Medicine practitioners do not diagnose medical or psychological conditions, nor do they perform medical treatment or prescribe controlled substances. Energy Therapies are frequently used to supplement or complement medical or psychological treatment - but it is not designed to substitute for such treatment. If you are experiencing physical/psychological symptoms, please see a licensed physician or mental health care professional.