For athletes & teams striving for excellence, First Harmony offers unique, specially devised, tailor-made programs to help you become the very best on and off the field and to support you physically, emotionally, and mentally! We are happy to work with you on a short-term or long-term basis or whenever you are in need.


Energy-based therapies instantly stimulate and expand an athlete's natural regeneration and healing power. They provide deep recuperative relaxation, a sharper mindset, and an overall profound and beneficial effect on your wellbeing.


With a combination of treatments and mindfulness training, physical, emotional, and cognitive renewal takes place within each session helping athletes to perform at their highest possible level and experience more joy and flow states.


First Harmony work in partnership with certified Mindset Coaches, Trainers, and Therapists, some of whom are former professional athletes from the NFL, NHL, BBL, NBA, and other sports. We can introduce you to these practitioners if you would like to receive an extended program.


FIRST HARMONY treatments and programs can help you in many different ways. From accelerating recovery from surgery, healing small muscle or ligament tears within just 3 - 5 consecutive treatments, long term coaching or counseling support, the options are varied and can be tailor-made to suit you and your ever-changing needs. 


In just one treatment side effects from intrusive procedures can be relieved; swelling, muscle aches, joint pain, nerve pain, anxiety, stress, and insomnia can all be healed gently and effectively within 90 minutes!


Treatments can be conducted remotely and self-healing and performance techniques can be taught, empowering you to help yourself in unique and fascinating ways. These simple-to-learn techniques can therefore be used on the field, at home, during rehab and recovery, traveling, or playing away. 


Treatments and sessions can also be conducted remotely via video call. 


Would you like to experience the wonderful benefits that First Harmony can bring to your life and game? An introductory session is the first step.



  • A consultation to get to know each other and thoroughly assess your needs.
  • An explanation of the treatments and how they could work for you.
  • A 30 - minute treatment to familiarise yourself with this new energy and start to experience the benefits in your life and game. 



  • you are recently injured or have to recover after surgery.
  • You are experiencing a slow recovery from injury. 
  • You suffer from depression, stress, or anxiety.
  • You are in a transition phase
  • You experience jet lag or bouts of fatigue.
  • You are addicted to medication.
  • Have a recurrent flaw or weakness in your game which you would like to eliminate.
  • Would like to improve your performance
  • Have mental, emotional, or physical blocks that affect your play and performance.
  • You have relationship issues 
  • You have suffered racial abuse or discrimination
  • You would like to have ongoing counseling and support outside of your club or environment.



  • Prevent injuries
  • Improve concentration and focus.
  • Provide a calm, secure & focused state so dealing with stress on and off the field becomes easier.
  • Develop a very positive mental outlook creating a winner's mindset.
  • Enhance performance and energy.
  • Connect with your teams more deeply and intuitively. 
  • Help you to reach deeper states of awareness
  • Improves the quality and depth of your relationships
  • Help you to find your purpose.



To book an introductory call or presentation for your club or agency, please email: