In-person sessions take place in our beautiful Praxis room in Marienplatz or Lehel, Germany. Local sessions can be conducted in the comfort of your own home or treatment room at an extra cost. Remote sessions are also as effective as in person. We are also able to arrange flights and accommodation for overseas athletes who would like to receive intensive sessions



Energy Therapy For Professional Athletes - Individually Priced Packages


For Athletes striving for excellence or wanting to accelerate their injury healing, I offer unique, individually tailored 90-minute sessions or monthly package deals. These are designed to help you to heal mentally and physically and become the best you on and off the field! All sessions can be conducted in person and/or remotely and are priced individually on a sliding scale depending on the league.


Package deals can include full-body Energy treatments to accelerate the healing of injuries, reduce stress and anxiety, and shorter treatments and visualisations sessions for before games. "On The Field" energy boosters and re-centering trigger techniques can be programmed and taught and post-game regeneration treatments, counseling, and coaching session are available. All are designed to suit your personal needs and schedules and will improve performance. Please do get in touch for a free consultation. 



In-Person Energy Therapy (up to 60 minutes) - from 200,00 euro



Remote Energy Therapy Session (up to 90 minutes) - from 150,00 Euro 


Remote Energy Treatments are a convenient way to experience the wonderful effects of Energy Medicine from the comfort of your own home. After a video call or phone call to connect and discuss which areas you want to work on, you then simply lie down in a comfortable space and I begin the treatment. I connect with your energy field then proceed to clear any blockages, trauma, stress, anxiety or pain issues that may be troubling you. This can often be felt happening in many different ways. The actual treatment lasts between 40 -60 minutes and a follow-up conversation takes place after.

See the 'remote sessions' page for more details.


Counselling Session (up to 30 minutes) - from 100,00 Euro


Having someone available to hear you in a non-judgmental way, and who is experienced in life and human nature/behavior is something we all need at some points in our lives. I believe the vast majority of mental and physical, issues, illness, and pain come from harboring deep-seated, unprocessed events and when left ignored can create an emotion that stores itself in the body. This can manifest in unwanted conditions and prevent you from having a successful and healthy life.


In some cases, I highly recommend counseling in combination with energy treatments to help you to release these negative energies sensitively and effectively and assist you in rebuilding your life in the way you imagine it to be. Unlike traditional talking therapies, painful issues DO NOT need to be revealed or discussed in any way. Please do get in touch for more details.


Life Coaching (up to 30 minutes) - from 100,00 Euro


These sessions are transformative for people who feel they are ready to create a new chapter in their life. Whether it be finding love, leaving a situation, finding a new career path, creating a more nurturing or positive environment, raising children, or becoming a new parent. After working with 1000's patients and clients over the last 12 years I feel confident in my ability to successfully guide people through these life changes. Please note that sessions are intensive and will require action from you. Please get in touch for a free consultation.



Energy In The Workplace


I love helping sports teams, businesses, employees, and entrepreneurs to prevent the accumulation of stress which can lead to burnout, poor performance, and lack of productivity in the workplace. I help to create a healthy work/life balance and can offer full treatments and shorter mini - treatments to relieve stress, aches, pain, and to realign posture. I offer group or individual breathing, meditation, and visualization workshops, and also provide counseling, and coaching. I also offer consultations on how to address issues within the workplace and can help teams to incorporate a wellness structure into their working environments. Monthly package deals are available. Energy Treatments can also be conducted remotely. Please do get in touch for a free consultation.


Reduced Price Sessions


Low-cost group participation sessions are an affordable way to experience First Harmony Energy Sessions.


These sessions are designed to help you to understand your innate energy systems and can help you to reduce stress, anxiety, and even pain issues.  I also provide a PDF with mental and physical exercises to take away.


The session takes place with a group of up to 10 people and lasts for 90 minutes - please make sure you will not be disturbed during this time. There will be feedback and Q&A in the last 30 minutes. 


I will be offering these sessions every Monday  and Friday - times will change weekly. 


To receive more info and your zoom invite please email me at meena@first-


Session cost - 25,00 Euro


I look forward to meeting you soon!


First Harmony Gift Vouchers for friends, family members, and colleagues are available for online purchase