In-person sessions take place in our beautiful Praxis room in Marienplatz or Lehel, Germany. Local sessions can be conducted in the comfort of your own home or treatment room at an extra cost.


Remote sessions are as effective as in person sessions. We are also able to arrange flights and accommodation for overseas athletes who would like to receive intensive sessions





These packages are designed for Athletes who are striving for excellence. If you want to accelerate injury healing, are suffering from stress, anxiety, pain, addiction or performance issues, and would like to learn more about energy work and the ways to achieve a successful life and career then this package is for you.


I offer unique, individually tailored made programmes, designed to help you to heal mentally and physically and become the best YOU on and off the field! This program can be delivered intensively in urgent cases, over a 3 -7 day period, or spread over one month. You will also learn many secrets and techniques that have helped many of the athletes I have worked with to maintain a work-life balance and achieve their dreams. All sessions can be conducted in person or remotely and are priced individually on a sliding scale depending on the league you play in.





In - Person Energy Therapy - Basic Relaxation Treatment (up to 45 minutes) - 200,00 euro


After a discussion, before your treatment by phone, we meet in person within a Practice room and begin your relaxing treatment. You can lay down or remain seated. I then connect and re-balance your energy field that induces a deep state of relaxation and relieves stress and anxiety. Home visits are also available fo those unable to travel.



Remote Energy Therapy - Basic Relaxation Treatment (up to 45 minutes) -  150,00 euro 


Remote Energy Treatments are a convenient way to experience the wonderful effects of Energy Medicine from the comfort of your own home. After a video call or phone call to connect and discuss which areas you want to work on, you then simply lie down in a comfortable space and I begin the treatment. See the 'remote sessions' page for more details.



Additional Services


In addition to the Basic Treatment, the following intensive treatments and sessions can be included in your treatment.



Performance Enhancement (30 minutes) - based on a sliding scale depending on league starting from 150,00 euro.

Team sessions available.


First Harmony has developed unique ways of helping athletes to enhance performance. These pre-game and pre-season sessions help you or your team to be to become more focused, agile, and also creates a winner's mindset by using tried and tested energy techniques. In combination with a basic treatment the body and mind are gently taken through an energetic reprogramming, customized to suit the individual or team. 


Trauma and Pain Removal (30 minutes ) - 150,00 euro


Being able to remove the energy disturbance related to emotional or physical trauma from the past or present is a process that is both non-invasive and non-intrusive. Unlike talk therapy, this procedure does not require you to tell your story. It is a very gentle yet extremely effective process that can help the body to let go of the emotional association it may have with a traumatic experience or event. This can lead to a faster and sometimes even immediate recovery from physical or emotional pain.


Counselling & Life Coaching Session (up to 30 minutes) - 150,00 euro 


Having someone available to hear you in a non-judgmental way, and who is experienced in life and human nature/behavior is something we all need at some points in our lives. I highly recommend these sessions in combination with energy treatments to help you to adjust the way you live and communicate. I assist you in working through any negative thought patterns, behaviors, or relationships that can in turn align you with your true self and true purpose. 


These sessions are transformative and for people who feel they are ready to create a new chapter in their life. After working with thousands of patients and clients over the last 13 years, I feel confident in my ability to successfully guide people through these life changes. 


NB. Combination sessions are intensive and in most cases and average of only 2 -5 sessions are needed.



Energy In The Workplace


I help sports teams, businesses, and even households to eliminate and prevent stress. Burnout, poor performance, and communication issues can be minimalized or eliminated by making adjustments that are designed to be easily implemented. Within a short space of time, we can drastically improve the energy within your environment, making it a more relaxed, supportive, and productive place to be.


As part of this service, I offer group and individual energy treatments, breathing, meditation, and visualization workshops, and can provide counseling, and coaching to balance the energy of your employees, team members, or family.


For larger organizations that would like to restructure their environments, I offer a consultation service that can include sourcing other qualified, highly experienced, and competent local practitioners in different relaxation or healing modalities that can also work with your team regularly. First Harmony also has a network of trusted experts in the field of psychology and energy performance that can consult with you and add value to your team.  


This service can also be conducted remotely. 


Service costs for non-athletes can be adjusted depending on circumstances. 


First Harmony Gift Vouchers for friends, family members, and colleagues are available for online purchase


Please do not hesitate to get in touch via email if you have any questions or would like more information.