Are you an athlete or part of a team striving for excellence and want to achieve an even higher performance level? Are you prone to injuries and suffer from stress related issues? Would you like to discover the secret to a quick, easy, safe and gentle way of recovery, to help get you back in the game at a much faster rate? Wouldn’t you like to know how to remove mental and physical blockages, maintain focus, precision and energy throughout your career and in your personal life?


First Harmony would like to introduce you to some fascinating and comprehensive ways of achieving a rapid and safe recovery while helping you to improve your mental and physical health. We can also teach you how to reach deeper levels of awareness so you can perform at an even higher level. First Harmony has devised very simple and highly effective treatment programs and invite you to discover the latest natural, cutting edge developments to improving performance and recovery.


Meena, the founder of First Harmony is pioneering the use of Energy Medicine in professional sports and has been a certified and highly experienced teacher, practitioner and consultant in this field for the last 12 years. She has professional clients all over Europe and the USA including athletes, clubs and coaches from the NFL, DEL, GFL, La Liga, Ligue 1, NHL, NBA, 1+2 Bundesliga. Meena has devised fast working and very effective programs and techniques after 20 years of extensive study in the field of Energy Medicine. Meena is also a consultant and advises clubs, company's and groups on ways to support the wellbeing of their team members.


Meena has had the unique and valuable opportunity of working professionally with patients and medical staff in hospitals in London for four years during her career. She taught mindfulness and relaxation techniques to patients and medical staff as well as treating them with Energy Therapy, working in all departments including, A&E, Oncology and the ICU. Energy medicine can be explained through Quantum Physics. The proof in science that all matter is made of energy has contributed to more recent studies that can now prove the effectiveness of Energy Medicine in its many forms.


First Harmony focuses on physical, mental and emotional issues and together we work to create an even better YOU - often only within one session!

  • The methods are used to aid a wide range of conditions including bone fractures, muscle and tissue damage, swelling, concussion, pain, stress, anxiety, and depression
  • The methods practiced at First Harmony are unique in enhancing performance ability, especially for athletes: strengthening focus, eliminating anxiety and breaking down mental blocks that can inhibit performance. 
  • First Harmony therapies induce a unique state of deep relaxation which the body needs to naturally regenerate and rebalance itself.
  • Treatments can also be conducted remotely / distantly via video call. Please ask for details.


MINDFULNESS TRAINING is a series of short, simple and very effective meditation, visualisation and breathing exercises that can be used in training or games at any time and anywhere.

  • These techniques can be specially tailored to meet your needs, schedules, games and training programs.
  • They can help you achieve your goals in life by gently working on all the elements that are preventing and blocking progress and change.
  • Intuition, performance flow, precision, team relations and bonding, creativity, inner strength, harmony, balance, joy can all be enhanced enormously with mindfulness training and a combination of the above techniques. 

Energy Therapy has been scientifically proven to be safe, non- invasive, non-intrusive, gentle and extremely beneficial


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