The fact that ‘everything is energy’ can be found in Albert Einstein’s formula  E = mc²

This ageless wisdom has also been presented to humanity through a lineage of great scientists and philosophers. Plato described it as "seen and unseen energies" or in other words, that there is more to our life than what we can see, touch and taste, or smell.


Energy is often invisible, such as electricity, wifi, or the movement of air, and we only know its presence when it interacts with a denser physical object, i.e. the electrons that move through the wire reaching a light bulb, or the wind blowing on our skin.


Here at First Harmony, we work with that unseen natural energy to help bring the mind and body into balance, to accelerate the natural harmonising powers that we as magnificent beings possess but have forgotten how to use, to reawaken our subconscious so our bodies at a cellular level rediscover, almost instantly, the way back to optimum health, fitness and joy.


The harnessing and use of this energetic life force go back to ancient cultures. Buddhist monks for example learned healing methods through intensive meditation and discovered how to become one with this energy and to transmit the healing waves onto any living thing. Humans, plants, animals, anything living could gain tremendous benefit.


These particular methods have been passed down through generations and thousands of more people across the world daily are now tapping into this elusive energy through meditation, yoga, and experimenting with different therapies - filling the gap where modern medicine, unfortunately, is failing. 


As stress and other diseases created from our environments and conditions begin to take a toll on our lives and the world around us, we all are facing new questions which modern and ancient science can actually now answer. Mass research has been undertaken more recently to uncover and deymistfy energy practices - some results can be found on this site. Einstein’s formula is being taken on in a different light and will again change the course of history. Very soon energy medicine will be highly regarded as normal practice.


Alternative medicines are already used in thousands of hospitals, hospices, and clinics worldwide. Meena, the founder of First Harmony is one of the first energy therapists to have worked for years professionally in hospitals and hospices in London, UK. She was the first practitioner to be permitted to work in intensive care units. Meena now works mainly with professional athletes partly to extend her knowledge and discover how efficiently an already healthy and conditioned body can respond to these therapies.


Meena has over 20 years of practice in this field and her specifically designed combination of innovative methods which includes: energy therapy, reiki techniques, mindfulness, meditation, relaxation, and visualisation training all wrapped into a highly effective and very simple 90 minute treatment, can help athletes to perform at an even higher level, accelerate recovery time and eliminate any mental blocks that create barriers and insecurities in their gam play - easily, safely, gently. A significant change and shift in energy is often experienced after one treatment.


Her results so far shown a much quicker turnaround in all conditions which is an exciting development. With the client's consent, this is also being used for research purposes. This knowledge can eventually be used to support the community at large to encourage even more health and fitness in schools and clubs who we expect will curiously extend a hand to these alternative practices for future generations to use and understand.


First Harmony is here to introduce you to energy work and to guide your mind and body to a new and much better way of living, playing, and being.